Laser Hair Removal

I wanted to share my experience with laser hair removal. I’m currently in the process of having laser hair removal for underarms and lower legs. I began the process almost 6 months ago. What some people don’t realize is this really is a commitment! Its also a big investment but worth the pay off at the end. For underarms the treatment protocol is about every 4-6 weeks where as legs need to be repeated every 8-10 weeks. The treatments eliminate a certain amount of hair each time but since the hair is also growing in cycles you will have more coming in until they are no more cycles left. I’ve had 5 treatments on my underarms and I’m really impressed. I do have some stray hairs that will need more of a touch up versus a whole treatment next time. My legs seem to be much more stubborn. I’m considered a perfect candidate for the laser. Dark hair on light fair skin. The only negative is that it does hurt! I also get a bad reaction of bumps and swelling after but it only lasts for a few hours and does not hurt. I’ve noticed a lot less hair around the lower half of the legs. The uppers seem to be a little tougher but in time will fall out. Many people will need about 8-10 sessions to completely remove hair so this is not uncommon. I’m looking forward to the final result! Hopefully by the end of 2017 I will be hair free!


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