Skin care in your 30’s

Daily skin care is an important part of my routine in my early 30’s. My favorite products are La Mer moisturizing soft cream, Elta MD sunscreen & a prescription Retin-A. To start, La Mer is a luxury product but a small jar can last up to a year if used in moderation. After washing face with a gentle cleanser I apply the moisturizer. Before bedtime, I apply a pea-sized amount of Retin-A over the La Mer. Retin-A can be found over the counter but the prescription strength is only available through your dermatologist. Retin-A helps with cell turnover and the aging process so it’s a must! I’m on the lowest does which is 0.25. Just be cautious and follow the instructions of your dermatologist when you first start using as it can be drying and make you more sensitive to sun. The Elta Sunscreen is also found at many dermatologists and is applying daily prior to make up. Any sunscreen is good as long as you are protecting your skin!


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